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Montana Survival Seed



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Montana Hardy Salad Seed Kit is geared for gardens not lawns. Feed yourself and your pollinators!

SAVE $4.25 (free seed packet basically) with this combo pack

10 varieties of seeds to "Shirley" keep your belly and taste buds quite happy with crunchy, nutritious, and tasty salad greens. Seeds are majority sourced locally from Montana seed farmers. All others are either wild-harvested or certified organic.

All seed packet illustrations are hand-drawn and printed using solar power. Montana Hide and Seed's (my LLC) intention is to encourage safe seed and food production, and give back to our Earth. 


  1. Arugula (Titsbout Seed.…Missoula, MT)
  2. Beet, Golden (Wild Garden Organic Seed)
  3. Basil, Italian Mountain Sweet (Titsbout Seed…Missoula, MT)
  4. Carrot, Scarlet Nantes, or Yellowstone, depends on availability (MT Survival Seed grown)
  5. Calendula (MT Survival Seed grown)
  6. Chard, My Precious (Wild Garden Organic Seed)
  7. Kale  Mix (Wild Garden Organic Seed)
  8. Lettuce, Wild Garden Mix  (Wild Garden Organic Seed)
  9. Mustard, Pungent Mix (Wild Garden Organic Seed)
  10. Parsley, Flat Leaf Mix (Wild Garden Organic Seed)



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