Tomato, Sandpoint (container variety)

Tomato, Sandpoint (container variety)

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Lycopersicon esculentum


Seed Grower:  Titbout’s Seeds  Missoula, MT

       A CONTAINER VARIETY, so anyone who travels frequently and loves to see their plant friends every morning and evening, well here ya go. This is an adorable, SUPER EARLY, small stature (12-18 inches) variety with tasty grape sized red fruits.   Determinate = setting fruit in one large flush and stops growing taller after fruiting.  Original selection of this variety hails from the Sandpoint, Idaho area, so here is a historical pop quiz for anyone interested.
      Start indoors 4-7 weeks prior to last Spring frost, and maybe experiment with direct sowing, yet there is no guarantee this will work.  Enjoys watering when pot soil is getting dry, and transplant up to 6-8 inches from plant top…all them hairs create roots.  Enjoys chemical free potting soil, sunshine, and beautiful songs being sung to them daily.  THANK YOU.

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