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Montana Survival Seed



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TOMATO, Early Season

55-70 Days from transplant

Solanum lycopersicum


(Determinate)  Both seed varieties were grown in Stevensville, Montana. One by me at the Missoula Grain and Vegetable Farm, and the other by Mr. David Lau at his seed farm.  They are both early season “Maters” ranging from 4-6 ounces in size.  The “Native Sun” is yellow, and the “Oregon Spring” is red…both determinate varieties. Both benefit from being caged or given a small trellis.  They are in the same small seed envelope inside this packet.     


Start your maters 6-12 weeks before last Spring frost. Bury transplants deeply in fertile dirt up to 6-12 inches from top of plant.  Did you know the fuzzy hairs on stems will make roots?   Water regularly and enjoy life.

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