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Montana Survival Seed

Sunflower, Family Sized Mix

Sunflower, Family Sized Mix

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Sunflower Family Sized

Helianthus annuus

60-90 Days

          This seed stock is a mix of different sized sunflowers, hence the name FAMILY SIZED.  This seed stock is grown by me and my friends at Eternal Bloom, outside Stevensville, MT.  Check them out.  They do cool innovative growing inside geo-thermal greenhouses and renewable energy concepts.  Sunnies are AMAZING for the Monarchs and tons of other native pollinators.  Seeds make a snack for squirrels, birds, and humans.  Sow solo or with other pretty annual or perennial flowers. 

           Direct sow as soon as the ground aint frozen in early Spring or transplant after last Spring frost.  Start plants 3-4 weeks prior to transplant date.  Space 1-2 feet apart in rows and 3 feet between rows.  Loves regular waterings, healthy chemical free soil, and happy children.   

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