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Megalodon 4.8 inch tooth (75% intact)

Megalodon 4.8 inch tooth (75% intact)

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A 4.8 inch tooth at 75% intact from some diver friends in North Carolina, 

For every slant or diagonal inch of tooth length, the Megalodon was approx. 10 feet long.  So, this shark was at least 50 feet long.  Good luck avoiding this big apex predator. 

This tooth will come with a fossil packet with my drawings and info on back. 



Apex predators from
3-16 MYA

Megalodon =

Reached 70 feet
and 60 tons

The term Megalodon is a common name for its Otodus genius and many species of the largest known shark in Earth’s history.  These things could eat up to 1 ton of whales, sea cows, ammonites, sharks, birds, whatever it could a DAY.  With its estimated 10x10 foot jaw and 250+ teeth in 5 rows that constantly shed,  and they are often found from the Carolinas to Florida, and also worldwide.  Common fossil teeth are 2-3 inches long, yet can be over 7 inches long … holy freaking smokes yall.    

The bite force of this “Big Tooth” was likely the most powerful EVER.  If your good at math and know mechanics get this…its estimated to have nearly a 40,000 pound bite force.  3 times that of T-Rex, 10 times as much as the Great White, and astronomically more than my puppy dog.  Basically it could swallow a human like we inhale a bug, and literally bite a Mosasaur nearly in half with one CHOMP.  If your ever in the South, look for shark teeth mines or find your own in the rivers.

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