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Montana Survival Seed

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm

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Lemon Balm,  Quedlinburger Niederliegende

Zones 4-9

Melissa officinalis

Hardy Perennial

Seed growers:  Adaptive Organic Seeds

       I don’t know how to pronounce the name of this Lemon Balm either, yet Quedlinburg is a town in Germany near the Harz Mountains.  Niederliegende translates to “growing along the ground w/o setting roots”, yet it is more upright than other varieties…all according to Adaptive Organic Seeds in Oregon.   High essential oil content and is quite productive…all amazing for teas and culinary herb use.  Most mints and this beautiful Lemon Balm aids in digestion, lowers stress and headaches.  Strong Lemon Flavor. 

      Start 2-4 weeks prior to last Spring frost OR direct sow in herb/flower bed in Autumn to early Spring.  Keep seeds moist until germination, and water babies to establish.  Adults enjoy deep weekly waterings with chemical free compost happy earthworms, and dancing barefoot kiddos.

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