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Holy Basil

Ocimum spp.

60-75 days

This seed hails from Mr. David Lau and one of his seed plots in the Bitterroot Valley.  This tea grows up to 2’ tall and many pollinators GO BONKERS for her amazing flowers.  Makes an incredible tea and has been used over the centuries for many herbal magic remedies.  Please sit in your garden and enjoy all the wonderful critters fluttering and buzzing around your magic spot.  Please save and share seed.   

Start 3-4 weeks before you transplant one week after last Spring frost.  1 foot in row and 18 inches b/w row spacing.  If using a greenhouse, experiment with direct sowing or transplanting when greenhouse can stay above 55 degrees.  She loves happy dancing children, chemical free compost, regular waterings, and bright sunshine.  

Sows at least a 20 foot row

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