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Montana Survival Seed

ECHINACEA (Min. 50 seeds and organic)

ECHINACEA (Min. 50 seeds and organic)

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Echinacea purpurea

2-3 years

to bloom

SEED SOURCE:  Twisp River Organic Seeds...Twisp, Washington

What a beautiful food source for Monarch butterflys, medicinal for humans, cut flower, and hardy native perennial.  Imagine the vast prairies of North America covered in echinacea, bison, wolves, mighty untamed rivers, and bison skin tipis.  Boost the immune system with all parts of this happy plant kindred spirit.  Amazing for butterfly, children, and big kids gardens everywhere.  Please give thanks to this magical friend.  :)

Seeds enjoy a 2-6 week stratification (cold/wet treatment which mimics natural conditions).  1- direct sow OR start in pots/trays 2-6 weeks before last Spring frost.  Keep seeds covered in snow and damp until they sprout.  2- start in brown damp paper towels inside open mason jar/ziplock bag in fridge for same time.  When sprouted put in trays.  Set out after last frost.   :)

Attract your local or migrating Monarch butterflies and other pollinators.

Make some awesome medicinal tinctures or teas with all parts of this beautiful North American native wildflower.

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