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Montana Survival Seed

Cilantro (Min. 225 seeds and Organic)

Cilantro (Min. 225 seeds and Organic)

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Cilantro, Rak Tamachat

Coriandrum sativum

50-60 days leaf
90-110 days for seed

Seed Source: Adaptive Seeds located in Oregon (certified Organic)

According to the seed stewards…this organic cilantro seed was found by Andrew and Sarah while traveling to the Rak Tamachat Permaculture and Natural Building Education Center in Thailand.  The original seeds came from the center’s kitchen garden.  Leaves are quite large up to 2 inches across with a milder flavor than other cilantros.   Archeologists have found 10,000 year old cilantro seeds in Stone Age caves.  Leaves and seeds help remove toxins from the body. 


Direct sow seeds thickly up to 1 week prior to last Spring frost to about 1/4” deep and keep 6 to 12 inches for in row spacing.  Eat your baby cilantro thinings.  Enjoys regular waterings, chemical free compost, happy sunshine and children.  Harvest often.    

sows at least a 10 foot row

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