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Montana Survival Seed

TOMATO, CHEROKEE PURPLE (organic and heirloom)

TOMATO, CHEROKEE PURPLE (organic and heirloom)

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Min 25 seeds

Solanum lycopersicum

70-85 Days



Howdy yall.  You might be wondering why a sacred mountain on the front? Well, its Pilot Mountain in North Carolina. The origins of Cherokee Purple Mater are believed to originated in the lands of the Cherokee in Western NC over 100 years back.  This seed is from my friends at Meadowlark Hearth Organic Seeds in Nebraska. 12-16 oz mater with purple/black skin and beautiful dark red flesh.    


Start transplants 6-12 weeks prior to last Spring frost. Plant after last Spring frost.  Bury up to 6 inches from top, the fuzzy hairs on stems will produce amazing roots.  18-36 inches apart in rows and 5-6 feet b/w rows. Enjoys regular waterings, chemical free compost/fertilizer. Keep 50 feet away from other varieties for pure seed or intermingle to create a variety that works for your special spot.  



This YUMMY in your tummy "mater" hails from my friends at Meadowlark Hearth Farm in the panhandle of Nebraska.  Out on the once Bison rich prairie, they raise certified organic and certified bio-dynamic seed on their 600+ acre farm.  They also have part of their farm designated/alloted through their county for a wildlife haven...THANK YOU.  

So when you receive this seed, remember its more than seed you're helping to grow...its also a respectful mindset of other life which creates life for us humans also.  

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