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Montana Survival Seed



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Nepeta cataria

      Seed was harvested in the Sapphire Mountains at my mountain hermitage garden.  The catnip grows amongst Arnica, Glacier Lily, Claytonia, garlic, mustards, Comfrey, and many other beautiful creatures underneath the unending power of the moon, stars, planets, and aliens.  Amazing tea for humans, rich food source for a billion species of pollinators, a great addition to flower bouquets, and I'm sure many other unique “uses”.  Seeds may have an erratic germination pattern…they may germinate next year in your spot.  Here Kitty Kat….Meow, Meow.

     Sow in flats 4-8 weeks prior to transplanting in Spring OR direct sow in permanent spot in Fall or super early Spring.   Water once a week, and sow solo or w/ others.   

Sows at least a 15 foot row
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