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Montana Survival Seed

Carrot, Yellowstone

Carrot, Yellowstone

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Carrot, Yellowstone

Daucus carota

60-80 Days

          Winter Kissed Farm in Stevensville, MT grew these carrots for their CSA program, then I decided to take some pretty ones for seed production.  HOW TO GROW CARROT SEED.  They sowed seed in early Summer and harvested roots before cold snaps in the Fall.  They over-wintered the carrots (stecklings) in their barn, and I transplanted the stecklings during the first week of May.  Sow stecklings at 1 foot in row and 3 feet between rows.   Tops will produce my favorite smelling flowers of all time on stalks 5-6 feet tall.  Might need staking.  Harvest seed heads in pillow cases and process after 2 weeks of drying indoors.  Sow at least 50 stecklings for improved seed genetics.     

      Sow as soon as soil is unfrozen until mid-Summer. Keep moist. Takes up to 21 days to germinate.   Sow 10-15 seeds per foot and keep rows 1 foot apart.   Do NOT thin your seedlings. 

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