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Montana Survival Seed

1 pound hand poured Montana Beeswax blocks

1 pound hand poured Montana Beeswax blocks

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No electricity used to melt this wax…only my wood stove.  

This here is a small collection of some 100% pure hand poured Montana Beeswax one pound bricks.

these average at 1 pound and vary in weight from .92 - 1.1 pound  

all my wax is from Montana hives and are not guaranteed to be certified organic, yet the hives are not treated during the honey flow   This wax is the capping wax, which is what the honey bees use to seal he honey inside the comb   

13 bricks ship in a medium flat rate box

this origin of this wax is from the Rocky Mountain front to south west Montana   

this is high grade wax amazing for cosmetics, medicine making, salves, candles, wood working, leather conditioning, amongst a few   

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