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Montana Survival Seed

Basil, Sweet Mountain Italian

Basil, Sweet Mountain Italian

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Basil, Italian Mountain Sweet

Ocium basilicum

Seed Grower:  David Lau & Titbout’s Seeds

      A Genovese and culinary basil which can tolerate cooler temps, and is grown locally in Missoula, Montana on a certified organic farm called Clark Fork Organics.  Seed is originally from Northern Italy, then traveled to Seeds Trust, an old Montana seed company, then to Adaptive Organic Seeds who have been keeping the genetics alive.  My friend Mr. Lau has been growing this variety for a few years since it does well in our region.  Amazing for all your PESTO and POLLINATOR desires.  Makes tons of seed.  :)

      Start indoors 6-8 weeks prior to average last Spring frost, then transplant about 2 weeks after this last frost.  Enjoys rich chemical free soil, regular waterings, beautiful sunshine, and happy smiling barefoot kids with dirty finger nails.  

Sows at least a 10 foot row
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