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Montana Survival Seed



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Eruca sativa

30 days baby - 50 days full

Seed source:  Wild Garden Organic Seeds


A non-fancy pantsy arugula variety, yet its quite spicy and tasty.  If you wanna grow your own variety and name it after a crazy politician, your role model, or elder then here ya go.  Sow with the early Spring rains, harvest the first 1/3 plants that bolt and let the rest feed the pollinators with her flowers.  Use pillow case to gather dry seeds.  Seeds mature from bottom to top over a few weeks.  Please enjoy :)

Sow with early Spring rains until dang near Fall about 1/8” deep.  Sow often for a steady supply of greens. She enjoys semi-rich dirt and happy earthworms. She likes to be harvested and watered regularly.  If you sow thickly, you should consider eating your “thinnings”.  Keep mature plants 3-6 inches apart for a magic carpet ride of Arugula. 

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