KALE, DINOSAUR Dazzling Blue (organic)

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Dazzling Blue Dino Kale

Brassica oleracea

Open Source Seed Initiative Seed Variety

Seed Source: Wild Garden Organic Seeds


A beautiful winter hardy blue/green 60 day kale w/ a pink mid-rib great for  pretty dang tasty raw salads, stir fries, or dried kale chips.  An OSSI variety, meaning it will not be “owned” by folks who aim to claim variety traits/genetics in plants.  Thank you Mr. Morton and to your crew who enjoy public plant breeding/genetics. BE THAT SUPER SPECIAL DINOSAUR OF YOUR DREAMS.

Direct seed from Spring to mid-Summer, or start indoors 4 weeks before transplanting after last Spring frost. Loves happy earthworms, excited children, and regular waterings.  Please space  12” apart in rows and 24” apart b/w rows.



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