Mosasaur (Teeth up to 1.25 inch long)

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Mosa = Meuse (Latin)
Saurus = Lizard (Greek)



A non-egg laying, air breathing reptilian (not dinosaur) apex sea creature who gave birth to live young which inhabited large shallow inland seaways with large “flippers” and a long tail for smooth and efficient locomotion and ambushing their prey.  Main food source may have been ammonites, fish, sharks, birds, and other sea creatures.  Potentially were countershaded like a Great White Shark, dark upper half and light under belly for camouflage and ambushing prey.  

First known fossil discovery was along the Meuse River in the Netherlands in 1764.   About 40 different species and fossils found on all continents except Antartica.  A double hinged jaw and flexible skulls (snakes) allowed them to eat large prey.  Teeth shed constantly and some species had 2 kinds of teeth...large teeth for ripping and round/blunt teeth for crushing ammonites, and some fossils show these teeth marks.   

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