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5 Indian head penny  (30)

5 Silver Mercury Dime (31)

2 Silver Quarter  (35)

1 Large Cent    (75)



2 Silver Barber Quarter     (35)

2 Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar   (60)


Ear Ring Materials

Sterling Silver Ear Hoops/wires (item #924557 from riogrande.com)

Fine 99.99 silver 20 gauge wire body


bag of extra plastic ear nuts (item #631018 from riogrande.com)


Red beads = modern Czech Republic beads from a bead store in Missoula, MT.

White beads = Antique Venetian beads from mid/late 1800's - early 1900's.

Turquoise is likely Dyed and Stabilized (very common) and got in trade at Rabbitstick 2022 from Justin the Bead Man. 


Copper 20 gauge wire body

Niobium ear wire (item #610225 from riogrande.com)

This niobium ear wire features a bright copper finish and is naturally hypo-allergenic. Niobium is a reactive metal that takes on a variety of brilliant colors when exposed to various levels of electrical current. This smooth and lightweight ear wire features a copper bead and a loop for attaching drops and dangles. It's an ideal starting point for a wide range of earring designs.

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